Above Erpel lies the village of Orsberg, which today is a district of Erpel. It is about 1 kilometer away from the center of the village of Erpel on the top of the beginning hills of the "Westerwald", about 200 meters above sea level.

In earlier days it was a village with farmers and winegrowers. Today there only a few farmers and one riding stable left. Ever since a large piece of land was released for development Orsberg became a favorite place to live, especially for young families.

Worth seeing is the village chapel, built in 1708, old tutor houses, and the village well "Orsberger Brönnchen". Orsberg is an ideal starting point for wonderful hikes. At the city entrance there is a large hikers' parking lot.

The climax in the village life has always been the village's parish fair. It takes place every year on the Sunday after Assumption Day in the middle of August.

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Dorfkapelle von 1708