Parish church St. Severinus

Picturesque tutor style homes and free standing houses in high level yards and gardens group around the late romanesque church, which has St. Severinus as its patron.

The parish church St. Severinus is a late Gothic column-basilica, built in 1240-1250, with two isles in the church's main nave, two galleries, west tower and east chorus. The base of the tower originated from the original church with one isle, which was built during the 10th century. The present church received a reticulated vaulting in the 15th century.

The galleries had been removed in 1751 during reconstruction, but were rebuilt during an extensive restoration in 1964/65. The interior of this triple-nave column-basilica has a beautiful rhythmic structure with colorful paintings.

Some Gothic statues were added to the baroque ornaments. The church and its dominating tower are built in the so called Rhine area transition style.

Parish church St. Severinus

St. Severinus after its restoration

Legend has it that the first church hosted the remains of the Three Wise Men when Arch Bishop Rainald von Dassel brought them from Milan, Italy, to Cologne in 1164. A reminder of this are the three crowns in the top field of Erpel's coat of arms.

The church's oldest bell was made in 1388. The newer ones were made in 1531, 1641, and 1768.

Church restoration

Church repairs are close to completion

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