Kindergarten "Rainbowland" and community hall

On the other end of the village, immediately next to the "Heisterer Straße" towards Unkel, lies a more recently constructed building. You can see the building for the kindergarten, which also contains the community hall and association rooms. It was inaugurated in the year 2000.

Included into the whole enclosure is the "Old Waterhouse", which was kept since it is under monumental protection. It was renovated to function as a meeting point for Erpel's youth; a desired and necessary requisite.

A barbecue fire place, which can be used by the community just like community hall, makes this range complete.

The building's optics are experimental, but an example to combine Kindergarten and community hall under one roof. By now this has been accepted by neighboring villages as the "Model of Erpel".

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Community kindergarten "Rainbowland"
Community hall with association rooms
Youth center "Old Waterhouse"
Barbecue fire place

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