Erpel Old Beauty on the River Rhine

The "Old Beauty" on the foot of the "Erpeler Ley" is a medieval village closely located to the "Siebengebirge".

The old village's character is defined by over 1,500 years of village history. Despite extensive war damage (about 54%) most of the village remained intact.

Today Erpel and its district Orsberg have about 2500 residents and belong to the Unkel community of villages in the county of Neuwied.

Erpel is located in the "Rhein-Westerwald" nature park in the norther part of "Rheinland-Pfalz". Residing on the right side of the River Rhine Erpel faces the Roman founded city of Remagen.

View of Erpel and the Erpeler Ley from Remagen
"Old Beauty Erpel" on the river Rhine
Newspaper "Unkeler Reporter" A short summary
Map how to find Erpel

Stroll through the village