Erpeler Ley

Just after the Ahr merges into the Rhine and the Rhine makes a turn to the north east a steep and mighty basalt rock sits close to its right side: the "Erpeler Ley".

The "Erpeler Ley" with its height of 191m is the most significant mountain next to the well known "Loreley" and the mysterious "Drachenfels" (Dragon's Rock). Its current appearance was created by the harvesting of basalt from the "Ley". Today the whole area around the "Erpeler Ley" is a nature protection area.

A road can be used to reach the plateau from Erpel. One can hike to the top as well. Just park the car on one of the parking lots in the village and either take the road to the plateau or the path through the forest. For the later firm shoes are highly recommended! The walk will take about 20–30 minutes.

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"Erpeler Ley"

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