After reaching the plateau one can see the tall wooden cross. It was erected shortly after the end of the war as a memorial for all the casualties of the battle over the Ludendorff bridge between Erpel and Remagen during the war years 1944/45. At the base of the Erpeler Ley, directly next to the state road B42, relics of the bridge remind us to keep peace!

Bridge towers of the former Ludendorff bridge

A storm on August, 2, 1909, forced Count Zeppelin to turn around right over the Erpeler Ley during his first flight with a guided air ship. In remembrance of this a memorial stone was erected on the southern peak of the Erpeler Ley. A few years ago a hut was built behind this memorial, that can be used for barbecue parties and can be rented from the village of Erpel.

Erpel and the river Rhein

When you get to the cross you should take some time to enjoy the magnificent view: below you is the picturesque village of Erpel, on the other side of the Rhine is the Roman town of Remagen. Behind it one can see deep into the Eifel.

Downstream we can see Unkel. Behind it lie the hills of the "Siebengebirge". Also the view upstream, best observed from the southern peak of the plateau, will fascinate you: we can see the village of Kasbach, behind it the "Colorful Rhine City" of Linz. Further up we can see Bad Hönningen with its healing springs. One a good day we can see all the way to Andernach.

If we look towards the Westerwald we can see the villages Ohlenberg, Ockenfels, and Dattenberg. On the other side of the Rhine next to Remagen is its suburb Kripp. Here a big area, due to its fertile soil known as the "Golden Mile", stretches widely. In the middle of it is where the river Ahr merges into the Rhine.

When you leave the plateau you will for sure be part of the people who are convinced that the panoramic view from the Erpeler Ley is one of the most beautiful of the whole Rhine area!

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