The night of May 1st: following the rules of the ancestors
Newspaper "Unkeler Reporter" Nr. 19 from May 9th, 2002

Bachelors celebrate the beginning of May

It is traditions for the members of the various bachelors' associations in six of the villages and districts of Unkel's village community to celebrate the beginning of the merry month of May in the same fashion their forefathers did. When April's grey disappears and fresh green appears everywhere it is time to set up maypole (mainly beech and birch). The members of Erpel's bachelors' association cut down their tree on April 30th and take him to Erpel's market place. Along with a local music band and accompanied by the bachelorettes and other citizens the tree is brought from the romantic market place to the Neutor's parking lot. There it is set in place with lots of muscle, but also with experience and expertise.

The traditional "egg hunt" is continued on May 1st

The same tree setting ceremony takes place simultaneously in Orsberg (in front of the chapel) and on the Old Well's Plaza in Bruchhausen in across from the pilgrimage church St. Johann Baptist. The traditional "egg hunt" is successfully continued in both villages. This is the time when the citizens express their gratitude for the lot of voluntary work the bachelors do during the course of a year by bringing their gifts on May 1st. Gifts vary from eggs to bacon, other small snacks, and also money. The placing of smaller trees for girl friends of the members of the respective bachelors' associations like the JGV Orsberg, which was founded in 1714 and reactivated in 2000 after a pause of a view years; or the JGV Bruchhausen, which was founded in 1624 is one of the oldest associations in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz is part of the traditions.

Text and photos: Röder

Even the placing of smaller trees for girl friends is naturally done with by the bachelors' association

The bachelors in Orsberg hat lots of fun and many sponsors during their traditional “egg hunt”